Finishing Section


  • Heavy Duty double drum type Rewinder.
  • Mechanically / Pneumatically loaded Trimming Device.
  • Heavy duty Frame made of M.S. / C.I.
  • Pneumatically Balanced Rider Roll.
  • Pneumatically actuated Pusher Roll for dislodging the rewound roll.
  • Pneumatically operated Water Cooled Brake.
  • Pneumatically operated unloading cradle.
  • Max. operating speed — 1000 mpm.
  • Provided with Tension Controller, Bow Roll, Air Expanding Shaft (optional).
  • Max Width upto 5 Meter can be supplied.


  • Simplex or Duplex Cutter for Onling / Offline application.
  • Heavy duty C.I. Framing and Rotary Head.
  • Provided with required Nos.of Slitting Units.
  • PIV Gear Box / VFD Drives.
  • Squaring arrangement is provided.
  • Lay Boy – Fix Table / Motorized layboy arrangement can provided.
  • Front Jogging arrangement.
  • Conveyor arrangement shall be provided with Nylon endless Belts.
  • Top Feeding Roll (rubber coated) shall be provided with Diamond grooves.
  • Unwind Stands for loading & feeding required Nos. of reels.


  • Reciprocating type suitable for heavy GSM board.
  • Both Simplex & Duplex Cross Cutter are made.
  • Width upto 5 Meter are made.
  • Can be operated upto max 50 – 60 cuts / min.
  • Heavy duty C.l. Framing and Dead & Fly Knives Holder with Knife adjustment arrangement.
  • Driven Roll and Driving Roll can be rubberized for accurate size cutting.
  • Provided with Rotary Cutter and By Pass (Optional).

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