Machine Section

Types of Machine Manufactured by us:

  • Fourdrinier Machine.
  • Mould / Former Machine.
  • Fourdrinier — Mould Combined Machine.
  • Twin Wire Machine / Multi Layer Fourdrinier Machine.
  • Yankee Machine.
  • Sundry Machine.


  • Made of C.l. Spiders with Side G.M. Spider or fully Stainless Steel constructions as per customer’s requirement.
  • Available in diameter of 42″, 48” & 60” and Width upto 3.5 Meter.
  • Strip Type or Rod Type.
  • Machined and ground to high degree of accuracy for achieving longer Wire Mesh life.


  • Made of various design like R.F.Vat, Dry Vat, Uniform Vat, Counter Flow Vat – as per customer’s requirement.
  • Available in suitable M.S. or
  • Properly designed VAT for production capacity and least cross profile variation.
  • Couch Roll Centre adjustment and mechanically / pneumatically loaded.
  • Provision complete with suitable Pump, Shower etc.


  • Cantilever Type Fourdrinier Frame is manufactured.
  • Fourdrinier Part is manufactured upto 4.5 meter deckle.
  • Manufactured in M.S. / C.l. construction with or without S.S.Cladding.
  • All elements of Fourdrinier like Breast Rolls, Hydrofoils, Single Foils, Table Rolls, Low Vacuum Foils, Vacuum Boxes, Babley Boxes, Couch Rol, Wire Return Rolls are robdstly made and designed according to the machine speed and operational requirement.
  • All Rolls are dynamically balanced.
  • Dewatering elements are made of AISI 304.


  • Presses are designed and offered considering their application.
  • Presses upto 1100mm in diameter and 5 Meter Face Length are regularly manufactured item.
  • Robust and Sturdy Frame.
  • Presses suitable for 200 kg/cm Linear Load can be supplied.
  • Single or Double Felted Presses, Pneumatically or Hydraulically Loaded Presses, Blind Drilled Presses, Jumbo Presses, Reverse Presses, Smoothing Presses can be supplied.
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic arrangement can be provided for loading / unloading.
  • All Rolls are dynamically balanced.


  • Dryers in 4’, 5’, 6’ and 5 Meter F.L. are regularly manufactured.
  • Boiler Quality Plate and IS:2062 Prime Quality plati used depending upon the client’s requirement.
  • Thickness of Plate is calculated considering ample factor.
  • Side Disc in Dish Shape for better load bearing properties and dimension stability.
  • Heavy duty open type C.l.Frame is provided for vibration from high speed machine and safe of operation.
  • Tested Hydraulically upto 10 kg/cm2
  • We have manufactured thousands of Dryer Cylinders till date.
  • Hob cut Graded C.l. Spur Gear, Nylon Gear or Silent Drive can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.
  • Provided with suitable Doctor.
  • Statically Balanced.


  • We make M.G. upto 16′ dia. and 5 Meter Face Length.
  • Prime Tested quality Plate is used.
  • Thickness of plate to be used is calculated by using ample Factor of Safety.
  • Side Disc are Dish Shaped for additional strength and stiffness.
  • S.Coating with High Velocity Metallizing Gun is also done in house.
  • Surface is ground and polished to have Mirror finish.
  • Hydraulically tested upto 10 kg/cm2.
  • Duly stress relieved for removal of welding stresses.
  • Heavy duty M.G. fabricated frame is provided for vibration free duty at high speed.
  • S. S. Scoop System is provided for condensate removal.
  • M.S. / C.l. Spur Gear and Pinion is provided.
  • Single or Double Touch Roll can be provided.
  • Provided with 2 Nos.Oscillating and 1 No. Stationery Doctor.
  • Have made more than 100 M.G.Dryer Cylinders till date.
  • Statically Balanced.


  • 2 – 3 – 4 Rolls Calender is manufactured as per customer’s need.
  • Chilled C.I. Rolls are supplied of required hardness.
  • Open or Closed type Frame can be supplied as per customer’s need.
  • Pneumatic Loading arrangement can be provided.
  • Provided with Antifriction Bearings, Doctors complete.


  • Primary Arm is manually or electromechanically actuated.
  • Secondary Arm is Pneumatically / Hydraulically actuated.
  • M.S. heavy duty fabricated Drum – with /without water cooling arrangement.
  • Provided with Doctor.
  • Heavy duty C.I. / M.S. Frame.


    • Heavy duty Line Shaft, Bearing & C.I. Stands are provided for trouble free running at high speed.
    • Worm or Bevel Helical Unit with Pneumatic Clutches are provided. C.I. Taper Pulley is provided.
    • C.I. Heavy duty Frame is provided for rigidity.
    • Manual or Motorized Belt Adjustment is provided for Belt position adjustment.
    • Provided with Cardan Shaft.
    • Helical Gear Boxes are provided.
    • Heavy Duty Frame.
    • Suitable Cardan Shaft and suitable Coupling are provided for each application.


  • Various types of showers as per requirement.
  • Fixed speed / variable speed.
  • High Pressure Shower — Micro Travel.
  • Fanjet Shower.
  • Foam Killing Shower.

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