Stock Preparation


  • Used for batch cooking of wood or agricultural waste to produce fibers for paper making.
  • We manufacture Rotary Spherical Globe Digester in various sizes – 12 ft. to 16 ft.
  • Tested Prime quality IS:2062 plates are used for manufacturing Digester. The Unique feature of our Digester is that we are the only manufacturer who for additional strength do riveting of plates by providing an additional re-enforcement plate on every joint in addition to the weld joint.
  • Digesters are hydrauiically tested to a pressure of 175 psi.
  • We have manufactured more than 100 Digesters till date.
  • Provided with Conveyor for Feeding of Raw material.


  • Used to refine fibers or break the large lumps of fibers to the desired degree for processing / paper making.
  • Heavy Duty Graded C.l. Discs, EN-8 Shaft and Carbon Steel Knives.
  • Teak Wood is used.
  • Supplied complete with Driver Pulley, White Metal Bush & C.l.Blocks, C.l. heavy duty Frame and Bed Box for loading & uploading of beater or GM.
  • Breaker beater can be provided with washing drum also.


  • Used to slush recovered paper or pulp into fibers.
  • We manufacture the following types of Hydropulpers:-
    1. Vertical Shaft Hydropulper
    2. D Type Hydropulper
    3. Horizontal Shaft Hydropulper (Single Impellor & Double Impellor Type)
  • Hydropulper in various sizes and capacities are made to suit customers’ requirements.
  • SS Cladded Pulper can also be supplied on customers’ requirement.
  • Can be operated in Batch mode or Continuous mode.
  • Provided with SS Perforated Screen Plate with hole diameter to suit application.
  • Suitable Conveyor can be provided for feeding Raw Material.
  • Ragger to remove contaminants like Wire, Rags, String, etc. can be provided.


  • Suitable for slushing waste paper at a Consistency range of 13 – 18%.
  • Effectively separates fibres and contaminants like plastics, stickies etc. for their subsequent removal.
  • Provided with Dilution Pulper with Screen Plate for removal of contaminants from Fibre.
  • Supplied in various sizes and capacities to suit customers’ requirement.
  • Less floor space required and more Energy Efficient.


We manufacture all Pumps suitable for various application in a Paper Mill:

  • Flow Ranging from 25 M3/hr. to 1000 M3/hr.
  • Head ranging from 10 Mtr. to 45 Mtr.
  • Consistency upto 5-6 %.


  • Remove unwanted particles like stones, sand, metallic and plastic from Pulp.
  • Available in sizes — 500 lpm to 3000 Ipm.
  • Non-Motorized / Motorized can be supplied.
  • Provided with conical sight glass.
  • Provided with Reject Chamber with viewing glass.
  • Consistency upto 2 — 6%.
  • MOC-SS-304 or SS-316.


  • Removes Sand, Bark, Shives, Unbeaten Paper chips.
  • Available in sizes from 300 Ipm to 1500 Ipm.
  • Header – Inlet & Outlet.
  • With Fibre saver for last tube.
  • Polished from inside and outside.
  • Supplied complete with Valves, Frame etc.
  • Pulp Stretch consistency 0.05 – 1%.
  • MOC – SS-304 or SS-316.


  • Good separation of heavy & light impurities.
  • Minimum Fibre loss.
  • Made in various sizes — KT300, KT400, KT500, KT600, KT700 to suit various customers’ requirement.
  • Made from S.S.304 or M.S.or M.S.with C.I.Cladding.
  • Heavy duty / Strudy Design requiring minimum maintenance.


  • Excellent for removal of light contaminants from stock such as plastics., polysystrene, hot melts.
  • It is formed by a cylinder consisting a hardened tip basket, rotating at high peripheral speed inside a perforated basket.
  • Heavy duty construction and little maintenance.
  • Parts coming in contact with Pulp is made of SS-304.
  • Screen to hole size 3.5 – 6mm depending upon the grade of furnish and the cleanliness required.
  • Operating Consistency : 3.5% – 5%.
  • Stock fed by a Level Box.


  • Used for removing large impurities like plastics, metal particles, films etc.
  • Provided with S.S. Screen Plate.
  • Available in size 1.5 m2, 2 m2 and 0.5 m2.


  • Increase the consistency of stock for storage in chest to reduce floor space.
  • Available in various sizes in 42″, 4’dia. & 5’dia.and width upto 5 Meter.
  • Spiders made fully of C.l. or Side Spiders of G.M. and middle of C.l. or fully Stainless Steel can be provided as per Customers’ specifications.
  • Vat made of M.S., M.S.with S.S.Cladding or completely S.S.Construction.
  • Stainless Steel Flats / Rods fitted on periphery.
  • Complete with Reduction Gear Box and Coupling for Driving.


  • Used for separation of contaminants from fibers.
  • Can be supplied in different sizes, according to requirement.
  • Manufactured of AISI-304 perforated plate fitted on CI spider wheels.
  • Supplied with complete Driving, Lifting & Lowering Arrangements.


  • Used for refining of fibers.
  • Robustly designed CI body.
  • Rotor and Stator Fillings made of special material for efficient working and long life.
  • Provided with heavy duty Base Plate, Anti-friction Bearing and Stands and system for loading/ unloading the Refiner.


  • Available in various sizes like 13”, 17”, 21 ”, 24” etc.
  • Provided with 3 Nos. disk made of special alloy of suitable hardness for long life.
  • Grade C.l. and Fabricated Steel heavy duty Body.
  • EN-9 Shaft with Anti-friction Bearing.
  • Working Consistency : 3 — 6%.
  • All parts coming in contact with Stock are made of S.S.
  • Provided with Coupling, Base Plate, Worm and Worm Gear arrangement for loading / unloading of Disc.


  • Used for agitation of Pulp in different Chests.
  • Chest Agitator are made of sturdy and robust design.
  • Material of construction of body is C.l. with Stainless Steel Propellor.
  • Propellor of various sizes and no. of blades are available to suit customer’s requirement.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Adjustable Blade Angle type Propellor can also be provided.


  • Used in Stock Preparation Section or in Approach Flow System for removal of contaminants.
  • Screen’s Body of C.l. or AISI 304 of robust design.
  • Stainless Steel slotted / perforated basket to suite application.
  • G.M Foil shaped Rotor’s Blade and G.M.Internals.
  • Numerous screen designs and rotor designs are available to achieve the desired results.

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